Giant Austrian kite wallops the lot

Helmet Georgi, 60, of Austria emerged champion in the most creative giant kite category at the 16th World Kite?Festival held at Bukit Layang-Layang recently.

New Zealand’s Simon Chisnall won in the most colourful kite category while?Chen Yong Xiong of China in the dragon kite category.

Malaysia’s Norman Yahya was the champion in the train kite category.

Meanwhile, the team from Utusan Malaysia, the only media team, won in the Rokaku competition for having their kites flying longest in the sky.

The first?runner-up was the Kelantan team and second runner-up the team from the Sultan?Abu Bakar College.

A total of 221 participants from 30 countries including the United Kingdom,?Kuwait, Hong Kong and Indonesia and 500 locals took part in the five-day?competition which began on Wednesday.