Johor MB: Upgrade infrastructure

Local councils in Johor has been given a minimum time frame of 6 months to upgrade its basic infrastructures in stages by the state government.

Johor MB, Abdul Ghani Othman acknowledged the facts that the current poor conditions need to be given greater attention which includes improving road conditions, better drainage system, install more street lights with better maintenance of existing street lighthings and also improving the grass cutting services.

He also added that he do not want the local councils to give excuses for not improving and upgrading these basic infrastructures due to insufficient fund.

He was speaking at a Chinese New Year celebration function last night in Chung Hwa high school organised by the Muar Tionghua Associations.

He further said that if the upgrading exercise is implemented as according to plan, the public will get to enjoy the infrastures in a much more pleasant and safe environment.

On another subject, Ghani commented that eventhough Muar is considered a conservative district but its well known for it’s furniture industry. Hence, efforts are ongoing to register and to license all furniture factories who are operating without proper permit. This is to ensure that all licensed operating factories are in compliance with the environment protection standards.

At the function, Ghani pledged to allocate RM750,000 to 38 chinese associations in Muar and Bakri. Present were Dr. Robia Kosai, chairman of the state women development, family dan welfare committee, Chairmen of Villages Co-ordination Committee from DUN Sungai Abong, Dr. Haris Md Salleh, DUN Bentayan, Chris Lee, DUN Maharani, Mohd Ismail Mohd Shah, Bakri division chief, Saipolbahri Suib, ADUN Bukit Naning, Abdullah Ali, Muar district office, Mislan Karmani and Muar Police district chief, AC Mohd Nasir Ramli.