Libyans celebrate Chinese New Year

by Lee-Jean, Christine Leong

Libyans chomped through Chinese New Year dishes with chopsticks at an open house in Johor Bahru recently, and it was a moment to remember.

Nader Khalil Emhemed, a civil engineer, and Walid Otamhn, an air steward, are both in Johor Bahru attending the English classes at the ELS Language Centre here.

And they gladly attended an open house hosted by Ong Mui Keow when the invitation was extended to them by their English teacher, Teresa Yeo.

“We like meeting different people, and learning different cultures by coming here,” Walid told Komunitikini.

The duo took a crash course on chopstick usage, then took time to learn Chinese from the other guests after dinner, before mustering a couple of greetings in Mandarin prior to leaving.