Water bill for Johor flood victims halved

Syarikat Air Johor Holdings Sdn. Bhd (SAJ) announced that all registered flood victims in Johor will be given a 50 percent rebate on their February water bill.

SAJ CEO, Abdul Wahab Hamid, said this was part of SAJ’s social responsibility, taking into consideration the hardship of the flood victims.

“During the floods, SAJ managed to supply clean water to almost all areas without any hiccups but SAJ is considering the hardship endured by the consumers who had to use huge amount of water to clean the house,” said the CEO.

All registered flood victims can go to the nearest SAJ office or authorised its agents to submit the rebate application form.

The affected residents can either call the SAJ 24-hour info centre hotline at 1800 88 7474 or SMS to 019 772 7474 or email to [email protected] for futher information.

For more information http://saj.com.my/