Flood situation improves in Malacca and Johor

The number of flood victims staying at relief centres in Johor and Malacca is declining as the flood situation in the affected areas has improved.

A total of 27,737 victims from 6,680 families were still taking shelter at relief centres in four districts in Johor as of this morning.

As at 8am, all victims in the districts of Muar, Batu Pahat, Segamat and Ledang were staying at 100 relief centres, according to the official portal of the Johor state government, www.johordt.gov.my.

The Muar district recorded the higher number with 10,574 victims from 2,633 families, followed by Batu Pahat (8,775 victims, 1,944 families), Ledang (6,750 victims, 1,698 families) and Segamat (1,638 victims, 405 families).

Out of the 100 relief centres that were set up, 28 were in Muar, 37 in Batu Pahat, 16 in Segamat and 19 in Ledang.

To date, five people were reported to have drowned due to the flood in Johor.

In Malacca, the number of flood victims seeking shelter at two relief centres in the district of Jasin was reported to have dropped to 227 compared with 254 yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman of the state flood operations room said 197 victims from 41 families were being accommodated at the relief centre at Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit Penghulu while 30 victims from nine families were staying at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Mendapat.

All the victims were residing in the Sungai Rambai state constituency, the spokesman said when contacted here.

Clear weather was reported in the whole state, added the spokesman.