CNY: White Pomfret sells for RM108 per kilo in JB

Fish and vegetable prices are skyrocketing in Johor Jaya market as the last minute spending spree has begun since yesterday.

A check by Komunitikini in the local market in Johor Jaya reveals the prices of fish and selected vegetable has gone up significantly. Prices of fish such as Silver Pomfret which is a favourite during the Lunar New Year celebration is being sold in the range of RM68.00 to RM108.00 per kilo.

Meanwhile the traders makes things worse by not displaying the price tag of the produce. The shoppers are left with no choice but to haggle the price which has been set so steep for last minute profits.

Rasilah Abd Rahman, a decorative items seller in the market says: “The prices of fish will definitely go up, looking at the rain and flood fish will be even more expensive”.

She also said the price increase did not deter the last minute shoppers from buying the Silver Pomfret.

“Expensive or not, they will definitely buy it for their celebration”, said Rasilah who sells mainly Chinese New Year decorative items ranging from bamboos, plants and lanterns.