Local-made movie hits Thaipusam

Hindu devotees will have a first-hand opportunity to purchase a brand new Malaysian movie as they throng the Sri Subramaniar Temple in Batu Caves, Selangor, tomorrow for Thaipusam.

The movie, titled Kattu Rani (Queen of the Jungle) is about black magic and bomohs.

Directed by Amigoz Sugu, the film was primarily shot in century-old graveyards at an estimated cost of RM180,000, where the actors claimed to have had ‘unnatural’ experiences.

“Some of our artists suffered hysteria,” said the film’s producer, Dr Jaya Sankar, who produced the film under his Lackshaea Production banner.

A “theatre premium show” took place at Petaling Jaya state Cineplex yesterday, and another “premium” will take place today at the Sentul Cinema.

However, avid fans of local movies can grab a VCD of Kattu Rani at Batu Caves tomorrow in conjunction with Thaipusam.

“Not only here, but the CDs will be on sale at all the major temples across Malaysia on Thaipusam, including those in Penang and Johor Bahru,” said director Amigoz Sugu, who was also the film’s music director and co-screenplay writer along with Amigoz Appu.

The film tells the traces of black magic mantras that was created by a man few hundreds years ago, and about a power struggle that ensues when it reaches the current generation.

The film stars Seni, Legend Mathan, Amigoz Appu, Sunshine, Amigoz Murti, Amigoz Mages amongst others.