Accused of Shoplifting

I was suspected of shoplifting in Carrefour, Mid Valley today.

And I was instructed to go to a small “interrogation” room without any explanation. Of course they couldn’t find any evidence at all as I did not shoplift. Anyway I am very disgusted with the security guard’s behavior. When he couldn’t find his suspected “DVDs that I stole” he simply pointed at other item in my bag and asked if I paid for it or not. Those were the stuff in Jusco so I was literally annoyed by his action. When he didn’t has anything to say he blamed me for “putting the DVDs into my bag”. And I didn’t! I was freaked out and literally shaking as I was alone. The most I could do was glare at the person. He sort of gave an apology and just shooed me off.

Now I am emotionally distressed by the experience and I swear I am not going to step into Carrefour in Mid Valley ever again! I am really unsatisfied with their attitudes!