Rawang surau land plot was given to private company eight years ago

The Selangor government will ensure Kampung Melayu Pekan Rawang residents have a surau despite notification to demolish or relocated the existing surau for a development project which was approved in 2002.

Selangor Menteri Besar political secretary Faekah Husin said the the State government would work through the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to find a solution to ensure that the Muslim community will be able to continue their religious activities as usual.

She however clarified said the State government was not involved in the land development as accused by the demonstrators led by Umno leaders including Dato’ Zainal Sakom.

She explained that the land in dispute was owned by a private company, SAP Holdings Sdn Bhd who is running the development project with another private entity Mahumas Sdn Bhd.

“Zainal Sakom should have done his research before making accusations. SAP Holdings was a state subsidiary under Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad. But the Umno-Barisan Nasional state government in 2002 had allowed KDEB to release their shares in SAP Holdings Berhad to private ownership.

“Therefore Zainal Sakom has no moral or legal right to accuse the current state government for this mess because he was part of the state administration which not only release rights in SAP Holdings but had also approved of the project.”

She said it was also in 2002 that the BN state government approved the development proposal by SAP and Mahumas on the Rawang land, including the lot that was gazetted for the surau.

She also revealed that the current board of directors of SAP are Datuk Abu Bakar Mohd Amin, Norihan Mohd Bakri, Tan Kok Yee, Chong Fook Sin, Chew Siew Ying and Chew Ting Teck. Meanwhile the share holders of the company are: Chew Ting Teck, Hung Te Hsin @ Ang Teck Thieng, Siaw Kwee Mow @ Sia Hock Chai, Sip Kew Yin, Tan Kok Yee, Tan Pang Kuan, Chow Soon Tat @ Chew Soon Tat, Chew Teng Meng @ Francis Chew, Chew Siew Ying and Dhew Teng Fook @ Chow Teng Fook.

“The facts clearly show who had forsaken rights of the people. Instead of demonstrating against the state, it may be more appropriate for the demonstrators to take complain to the offices of Umno and MCA,” said Faekah.

As for the complaints on demolition of illegal stalls near the surau, Faekah said the state would also discuss with the village heads and local councilors on the status of the stalls, adding that the Gombak district office will be issuing a full report soon.

She said early reports from the Gombak district office revealed that the stalls were built illegally but rents were collected by Bing Selamat Amir – a former committee member of the surau- supposedly for the surau fund.

However, the current committee of the surau claims that the funds were never credited to the mosque.

“We call on the police and MACC to investigate on this and the state will provide assistance in the investigation,” she said.