Indians of Kelantan origin celebrating 100th year of existence

Malaysian Indian of Kelantan Origin Association announced that this year will mark the 100th year of existence of the community in the country.

To mark the auspicious year, the association is organizing a full fledge celebration in providing a platform for families and friends to come along and celebrate the occasion.

According to the President of Kelantan Indians Association, Mr Perumal Thambirauan, there are about 50,000 Indians of Kelantan origin throughout the country and 700 families of them currently residing within the Klang Valley itself.

He also said that the community, which made up only 1% of the whole Kelantan population is largely forgotten.

“We want land rights for the Kelantan Indian, especially former estate residents. The community has been contributing to the state’s development for the last 100 years in both agriculture and plantation,” said Perumal.

He also stated that the Kelantan state government should give equal rights to the community to own land and property scholarship, job placement and business development for the community.

The Association is expecting a large crowd of 2,000 for the gathering, which will be held at Batu Caves, this Saturday (December 18) from 9am to 3pm.

The Minister for International Trade and Industry, Datuk Mustapa Mohamed who is also Jeli’s MP will be attending the event as well.

“People need to understand that this event is something like a family reunion, and it has nothing to do with politics,” added Thambirauan.

Among the activities planned for that day include cultural performance, talks, speeches and food. A RM 10 fee will be charged for each participant.