Justice for Sisters

Launch & Fundraising Concert

  • Sat 11 Dec | 8.30pm
  • Admission RM15 donation

Justice For Sisters is a grassroots campaign organised by concerned members of the public to raise public awareness about issues surrounding violence and persecution against the Mak Nyah community in Malaysia. The campaign also aims to raise funds amounting to RM50,000 to finance court cases that have been brought up against transsexuals who have been charged in syariah court. The campaign will be launched with a special concert featuring a varied list of some of KL’s best-loved musicians and poets performing in support of the cause. All proceeds from the concert will be channeled to the Justice For Sisters fund. If you can’t make it to the concert but would like to donate to the fund or help in other ways, please contact Angela [[email protected]] or Thilaga [[email protected]].

Featuring: Azmyl Yunor, Ayandha Number, Elvira Arul, George Wielgus, Ida Lisa Zahran, Janet Lee, Jasmine Low, Jerome Kugan, Liyana Fizi, Peter Ong, Shieko, Tshiung Han See, with Nell Ng as emcee