Inaugural Meeting of the Pro-tem Malaysian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee

The inaugural meeting  of the pro-tem MAWAC was held at the Department of Veterinary Services headquarters in Putrajaya on 25th November 2010. The Committee comprises of representatives from the relevant government agencies and NGOs.

By virtue of his position as Director General of Veterinary Services, Dato’ Dr Abd Aziz Bin Jamaluddin naturally assumed Chairmanship of the Committee, as will the DGs who succeed him. For the record, the mandate for the formation of the Committee has been obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Primary Industries but Cabinet endorsement will be obtained at a later date.

As the scope is wide, it was decided that members be grouped into sub-committees for the purpose of more focused effort, namely Pet/ Companion Animals, Sports/ Recreational Animals, Food Animals (to be chaired by representative from DVS), Research/ Laboratory Animals, Wildlife (Note: wildlife in the wild- natural habitats- is to remain under Perhilitan).