Take a stand in the sand II

Grocery bags…bottles…cigarette butts…wrappers and straws. They don’t fall from the sky; they fall from human hands. And what’s washed up on the shore is only a fraction of what is in the water. In conjunction with the World Environment Day, Avillion Hotel Group has pledged with the help of 300 volunteers to remove hundreds and thousands of Kilogrammes of trash from beaches and underwater along the coastal beach of Port Dickson.

November 11th 2010, marks the 2nd year of volunteerism for a healthier ocean and environment by 300 people from all walks of life in Port Dickson. Hotel guest, students, orphanage homes, NGOs, hotel staff, government servant, and general public with the help of city council have joined hands participating in cleaning the eco-system of Port Dickson shoreline – a stretch of 2KM from Avillion Admiral Cove to Avillion Port Dickson.

This year also marks the support of the National Association Underwater Instructors (NAUI) with 20 NAUI divers targeting and removing underwater and shoreline debris within 2KM stretch from Avillion Admiral Cove to Avillion Port Dickson. The divers will be cleaning 6-10meters depth of underwater. Divers are the guardians of our underwater environment – they often see first hand the effects of marine debris on our delicate ecosystem. This event is the largest single day for a volunteer event in Port Dickson on behalf of our Beach and Underwater environment. It’s a fantastic example of how people can work together to take action.

Avillion Hotel Group’s Beach and Underwater Clean-Up Campaign seeks to promote and co-ordinate underwater clean up events. Apart from the cleaning of beaches, the hotel group also aim to educate and bring awareness to the general public of the importance of recycling rubbish, adopting Green efforts i.e. energy saver bulbs, and adapt to a more eco-friendly lifestyle habits.

To excite the one-day event, the hotel group has organised many fun-filled activities to interest children and family participation such as kite flying competition, balloon sculpture, sand castle competition and scuba diving demo. The event kick starts with a light breakfast and ends with a sumptuous lunch as a gesture of appreciation by the staff and management of the Hotel group.

Though this is a one-day event, Avillion Hotel Group hopes to drive in a strong message on the importance of maintaining a clean environment which includes the sea waters and beaches; to protect our environment for today and tomorrow and for the many generations to come; and lastly, to be more responsible for our actions when it comes to disposable of wastes.

For Avillion Hotel Group, this is a daily affair. We at our hotels, will continue to clean our beaches within the vicinity of our hotel on a daily basis and we hope to do even a bigger clean up for next year. At the same time support other organisation in their green efforts by participating and providing support in anyway we can.

Avillion Hotel Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Pacific Berhad, an integrated travel and hotel group listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) since 1993. The Group operates a chain of luxury properties across the country. Since its inception in the early 1990’s, the group has been guided with the passion of designing, constructing and managing unique architecture and in accommodation, a firm philosophy that the owners have derived over the years.

Avillion Hotel Group maintains a total of four Malaysian beach resorts and hotels, each one with its own personality and ambience. These consist of Avillion Port Dickson, Avillion Admiral Cove, Avillion Legacy Melaka and Avillion Layang Layang. Avillion Port Dickson became an instant award winning architecture blending individualism and personality within a natural environment.