Anti-EMF group demands stringent measures for telco towers

The Penang EMF Protection Alliance recently held a talk at SRK Shang Wu, Penang to educate the public on the hazards of the EMF radiations.

Addressing a crowd of about 100 people, Dr. Thor Teong Gee explained that although the permitted level of radiation according to the World Health Organization (WHO) was at 10 W/m2, the level is still 10 thousand times more than the permissible level allowable in France and even more still if compared to Austria.

“Using these standards issued by the WHO, it will be considered even safe if the tower was put inside the house,” he ridiculed.

Dr. Thor also commented on the criteria for the findings made on a study group by WHO and conclu

ded that it did not address the concerns of radiation affecting the people for long-term effects, non-thermal effects and those who fall in the other age groups other than healthy adults.

“We are not against the erecting of telco towers. However, more stringent measures should be taken to safeguard the health concerns of the people,” retorted Dr. Thor when asked to comment on the unipole towers that were found sprouting up in a few locations all over Penang.

“The 20 meters radius imposed as precautionary measures by the government is actually for physical hazards, in case the tower should fall; but it does not take into consideration the radiation level imposed onto t

hose who live nearby,” he added.

Dr. Thor said that the Penang EMP Protection Alliance demands five key points from the authorities. They are;

1) To adopt more stringent limits

2) To adhere to precautionary approaches

3) To avoid sensitive areas

4) To promote land-lined connections; and

5) To conduct international conferences.

Dr. Thor also feels that the government should regulate telecommunications advertisements that portray children conversing gaily over the cellular phone.

According to Dr. Thor, about 28 to 30 sites have been identified by the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) Telco to built the tower, which will then be leased out to YTL.

Recently, a group of residents from the Pulau Tikus area signed a petition for the unsightly green tower situated off Cantonment Road to be dismantled, due to concerns over the impact of radiation on their health.