310Kelvin, fashionably warm

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For the first time, a revolutionary new Carbon Based Heating Technology [CBH Technology] will clothe the world of fashion with warmth. No longer will one be weighed down with thick, bulky, bulbous and heavy winter coats, ski jackets or woolen overcoats to keep warm. With the newly perfected CBH Technology the fashion industry will now be able to offer stylish yet remarkably Lighter-weight heated garments ranging from hat, gloves, jacket, vest, and insole.
With Pensonic spearheading its future, 310Kelvin promises to be the toast of the heated apparel.

310Kelvin Models.


310Kelvin aims to be the world’s #1 brand in the winter outerwear and fashionable apparel industries. . Pensonic’s revolutionary 310Kelvin will be the pioneer with its trail-blazing qualities like strength, lightweight and resilience.

Autumn and winter wear will never be the same again!

The brand 310Kelvin will symbolize the new era of warm, comfortable, luxurious and lightweight clothing. With 310Kelvin, the wearer will be warm and protected at all times as 310Kelvin maintains the human body temperature of 37 Celsius [translated to 310 Kelvin in Absolute temperature Scale] constantly.

One of the qualities of 310Kelvin is its lightweight, which sets it apart from conventional and old-fashioned outerwear.


The trademark name for this advanced garment technology is ‘310Kelvin”.

The name is derived from the word “Kelvin”, the Absolute Temperature Scale used in science and high technology.

The temperatures in degree Celsius and in Kelvin are converted with a simple formula:

Degree Celsius + 273= Kelvin

For example, the freezing point of water is 0 degree Celsius or 273 Kelvin. The boiling point of water is 100 degree Celsius or 373 Kelvin.

AND the natural body temperature of human is 37 degree Celsius or 310 Kelvin !

It is from this fact that we derive our brand name “310Kelvin” to show our commitment in perfecting our garment technology to keep the wearer in the comfort of their natural body temperature!

The brand name can be pronounced as ‘Three hundred and ten degrees Kelvin’ or ‘Three ten Kelvin’ or even ‘Three one zero Kelvin’. However, the preferred mode of address should be ‘Three ten Kelvin’.

While the advanced CBH technology is the core technology to make all these aforesaid comfort and convenience possible, 310Kelvin present itself as a shining example of synthesis of high tech with “high touch”. Meticulous care is taken to ensure complete customer satisfaction and that includes the quest for fashion and lifestyle. The sleek and stylish contemporary fashion apparel under the Brand of 310Kelvin should also heat up the catwalk and set the fashion industry afire with new possibilities!

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Carbon Fiber is not a new name in composite material since it has been used in extreme applications ranging from aerospace vehicle to high performance sport instrument.
However Pensonic’s Carbon Based Heating Technology (CBH Technology) has elevated the use of carbon fiber to the next level by empowering this unique material with mobile electrical energy to heat garments and mobile appliances.

Since 2000, Pensonic has ventured into the research and development of Carbon Based Heating Technology in collaboration with Hong Kong University and Shanghai Institute of Technical Physic. And it has received R&D grant from the Government of Hong Kong SAR and Commercialization Grant from the Malaysian Government.

The many advantages of carbon fiber include softness to the touch, light in weight and energy efficiency. And an important bonus is that the heat energy it generates is concentrated in the Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) energy spectrum, which warms the body naturally and comfortably.
310 Kelvin apparel are designed by well-known local and international designers and geared for the high end, trendy fashion spectrum.

Celebrities,Alan Yun & Emily Lim.

Our fashion collection will be cutting edge and are suitable for outdoor winter sport as well as normal outdoor city wear.

Pensonic has a head start and unfair advantage with 27 years of experience in the household heating industry, as it is Malaysia’s biggest electrical home appliances manufacturer. With annual sales of over RM 300 million in 31 countries, Pensonic’s venture into Carbon Based Heating Technology is a natural progression and expansion of existing expertise.