Road barrier a nuisance at Jalan Radin, Seri Petaling

Seri Petaling residents fuming with anger due to the recent road barrier gates set up by the housing security guards.

The  barrier gate was erected along Jalan 3/149J, which leads to Jalan Radin, was seen as unnecessary by many residents.

Yong, a local resident told Komunitikini that road barriers like this should not be put up on a way leading to the main road.

“We know the easiest way to get from point A to point B. Since the barrier has been erected, the guards won’t allow us to pass by the road, and as a result, we had to take one big round to arrive at the same spot”, said disgruntled Yong.

Another resident whom doesn’t want to be identified said that whenever her friends or relatives want to pay her a visit, they will be “escorted” by a guard on motorbike to ensure they are telling the truth.

While some residents are arguing on the necessity of the road barrier, other residents think that the move should be applauded.

According to them the security guards are merely doing their job to ensure the neighbourhood is safer.

The question however remains whether it is appropriate to block the roads in the name of safety. Many existing residential areas, which have been converted into a gated community, have been facing many related issues such as barriers and accessibility.

According to the Selangor Housing and Property Board guideliness, guardhouses without a barrier are allowed and the location should not obstruct traffic (situated at road shoulder only). If there’s a barrier in place, the operational hour of the barrier is from 12.00pm to 6am.

At the time of publication, another road block is being erected along Jalan 1/149L, behind SMK Seri Saujana.