YTL launches “YES” 4G

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (YTL) today launched Yes, said to be the world’s first fully converged 4G mobile internet service with voice, which offers customers fast and affordable mobile internet services.

In a press statement issued earlier, YTL said Yes incorporates a fully converged data and voice service with speed five times faster than 3G; and an affordable pay-as-you-go (total data usage) pricing.

Users also can stay connected through the innovative communications services offered by Yes Life. This service enables everyone with an internet connection at home or at work to connect with friends, family and co-workersaround the globe.

“So far the respond we get surpasses our initial expectation by three times,” said Francis Yeoh, Executive Chairman of TYL Communications.

Also present at the official launch was the Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin.

Muhyiddin then showcased the prospective service of Yes by doing a live conference call with students in London through a video call using Yes Life – a service that comes with the mobile internet service.

Yes offers a “pay-as-you-go” services at just 9 sen for 3MB of data, one minute of calls or one SMS. It also offers a rebate up to 30 per cent to power users who consume high amounts of data. This will effectively reduces the amount of payment to as low as 2 sen per MB or RM20 per GB.

At the launching, TYL Communications and Samsung also announced the world’s first all-4G mobile phone – Yes Buzz.

Other 4G devices include Yes Huddle – Malaysia’s first 4G mobile router that can connect up to five devices to the Yes 4G network simultaneously; a world’s slimmest 4G USB Dongle called the Yes Go; and Yes Zoom – a 4G WiFi router designed for both home and office use.