Chow Kit Kita festival to transform Chow Kit’s image

The name Chow Kit among the Kuala Lumpur folks more often than not draws a negative image and impression.

With the sub-district associated with a notorious image, the youths of Chow Kit are attempting to change that impression forever and give the general public a more meaningful view of Chow Kit.

And they are using the perfect platform in the form of the upcoming Chow Kit Kita festival, which will be held this Sunday, 21 November at KL Krash Pad to go about transforming Chow Kit’s image.

This project, which was inspired by the ‘My Balik Pulau’ project, which was executed in Penang, emphasizes in looking at Chow Kit from the eyes of the Chow Kit youths.

The whole outcome of this project would be different maps of Chow Kit, each created by a different youth, in order to encapsulate Chow Kit from the youth’s minds.

In order to create these maps, the youths will be attending several workshops on illustration and other form of art skills.

Apart from the mural maps, the youths will also produce videos, photo exhibitions, and drama performances amongst others.

The project is also intended to encourage the youths, mostly aged between 13 to 15, to express their feelings through art and thus preventing them from being trapped in socially ill habits.

The project is also expected to present a more diverse and better view of Chow Kit to general public, who can attend the festival for free in order to see the works of the children.

A series of photos captured by the youths are already circulating online, and most of them have received very encouraging feedbacks.

This is the maiden phase of the Chow Kit Kita project, and the theme for this phase is Ethnicity and Religion.

Each phase will have a theme on its own, and the Chow Kit Kita festival will take place at the conclusion of each phase.

Event details:

Chow Kit Kita Festival

Date: 21 November 2010

Location: KL Krash Pad, 346, Jalan TAR, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

Time: 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Admission: Free