Renew commercial licenses for three consecutive years, Subang folks told

MPSJ has rolled out a policy to allow traders in non-sensitive businesses to renew their commercial licenses for three consecutive years beginning 2011.

Council president Adnan Ikhsan said the non-sensitive enterprises include sundry shops, boutiques, laundry shop, eateries, administration offices are set to benefit from the implementation.

On the other hand, spa, pubs and lounges categorized as risky businesses are excluded.

Adnan also advised traders to file in renewal applications via [email protected] on MPSJ’s website to avoid long-queue at the counters.

“Now about one of every four traders use that method to renew licenses, we hope by 2012 no counter will be needed at MPSJ buildings as everybody goes online,” he said.

New land of Sri Srinivasa temple belongs to land office.

On a separate issue, Adnan said the land currently granted to the Puchong Sri Srinivasa temple for a one year concession belongs to the district land department, hence the council is not entitled to decide on the land ownership.

He was answering the appeal from several temple committee members that the land, newly granted to them last Thursday, should be given permanently as an Indian community hall is badly needed in the area.

He said the objective of granting the 50 sq ft land was to temporarily relocate the temple’s storage room and toilet.

“We hope they will move the utility facilities back into their temple at the end,” he said.

“As of whether the land could be granted permanently, they should refer it to district land office,” he added.

1 Malaysia not banned in Subang

Meanwhile, Adnan denied allegations uttered by the MCA Kelana Jaya that MPSJ has banned 1 Malaysia logo on local banners.

Although initially mentioned the need to consider state government’s sensitivities, Adnan quickly changed his tune when the council’s PR officer chipped in and said that MPSJ is not against the logo.

Adnan too reiterated that the national emblem should not be inserted on MCA’s festive greeting banner as “it is not relevant”.

“It’s not like everybody can use the emblem for their own interests, just like not everyone is allowed to use MPSJ logo,” he said