Newly widened drain now posing security risk

Residents of Taman Puchong gave thumbs up to the newly widened drainage system, which resolved their flash flood woes but now worried that the concrete drain would pose a security risk.

The newly built concrete drain had inadvertently elevated the land behind the houses in Taman Puchong and decreasing the height of the fencing.

Resident Daniel Bahgad said the area now is vulnerable since the 100-metre drainage has been completed and break-ins are rampant ever since.

“Our fences are now shorter. Sometimes they keep staring at our kitchen; we feel our privacy is being disturbed,” he said, adding that the resident house fence is barely taller than a human now.

Bahgad today proposed an extra barrier to be erected on the concrete drain next to the resident’s fence to Kinrara assemblyperson Teresa Kok.

“We are willing to bear the RM5000 building cost,” Bahgad (right) said.

His suggestion was welcomed by Kok and MPSJ engineering department assistant director Rostam Salleh, but added that the residents must file in an application.

Meanwhile, Kok said the 8X5 feet drainage system will be able to resolve flash floods that have been haunting Tmn Puchong for the past five years.

She said the area, which was surrounded by new residential sites like Tmn Pak Siong and Tmn Kinrara are prone to flooding.

The existing drainage system unable to accommodate the rain water gushing down from various housing areas in bad weather days.

Bahgad lauded the new drain for functioning well during the downpours last few days.

The RM13,5000 upgrade works was completed on November 3, 2010.