What’s Drumming at Esprit?

A band of drummers organized by The Esprit & SOS Big Bang took centre stage at the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square, yesterday.

The act which was in a way of creating ruckus by banging on their drums, caught the shoppers by surprise. However it is all done in the good name of charity.

The Esprit & SOS Big Bang focuses on helping children and teenagers in the SOS Children’s Village in  Alibaug, India by giving them a new loving home, education and enabling them a better future ahead.

From November 5 – 13, Esprit stores in Malaysia will provide its customers with a drumstick, which will then direct them to a virtual drum at www.esprit.com/bigbang.

The target is to reach 3 million bangs globally, all of which Esprit has agreed to donate 500,000 Euros to help the children in Alibaug.

So, make your bangs count today. Also, check out the short video of the performance here