Northern flood worsens

Flood victims in Kota Setar district has risen from 16,376 late yesterday to 18,926 from 4,866 families.

However, Kedah flood victims has dropped to 33,350 from 39,785 yesterday as many in Kubang Pasu district were allowed to return home.

A National Security Council spokesman said up to 8am, Kubang Pasu had 12,341 victims from 3,324 families compared to 21,111 late yesterday.

Pokok Sena district had 1,480 victims from 250 familes, Pendang 249 victims from 62 families while Padang Terap 354 victims from 92 families.

Some 97 flood relief centres have been opened of which 38 are in Kubang Pasu, 9 in Padang Terap, 42 in Kota Setar, 7 in Pokok Sena and 1 in Pendang.