Flood worsens in northern states

More than 28,000 people from 7,304 families in five districts in Kedah have been evacuated to temporary shelters due to the worsening flood since three days ago.

Four districts, namely Kubang Pasu, Kota Setar, Pokok Sena and Pendang have registered increased number of evacuees while the number in Padang Terap has    dropped.

Of the total figure, 15,637 people are from 4,347 families in the Kubang Pasu district, 3,219 from 840 families in Padang Terap, 8,164 from 1,788 families in Kota Setar, 1,295 from 290 families in Pokok Sena, and 158 from 39 families in Pendang.

A spokesman from the National Security Council’s operations room said up to 9am today, 104 flood evacuation centres had been opened up in the five district  46 in Kubang Pasu, 35 in Padang Terap, seven in Pokok Sena, 15 in Kota Setar and one in Pendang.

He said the flood situation in Padang Terap had improved a little, with 774 people from 274 families allowed to return home.

In the Kota Setar, however, the situation has worsened with more victims being evacuated.

A check by Bernama in Kota Setar found the flood water level rising although the rain had stopped, because of water flowing from the Padang Terap area.

Several main roads in Alor Setar have been inundated, causing the passable roads to be congested.

Worsening the situation is the shortage of water supply faced by many homes as some areas are having low water pressure while supplies have been cut off in some other areas.

In Perlis, the number of flood evacuees has risen to 13,723 from the 11,000 housed at over 40 evacuation centres yesterday.

A state flood operations room spokesman said most of the evacuees were from the Kangar area, while the floodwaters in the northern part of the state had started to recede.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat  Abdul Jalil visited flood victims in the state today.

Perlis Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Md Isa Sabu and State Secretary Datuk Azizan Hamid earlier briefed her on the flood situation in the state.

The weather is clear today but the floodwaters in several areas continue to rise.