Headlines online: Nov 1, 2010

Komunitikini compares the key metro news from major newspapers to present the most-discussed community issues in Klang Valley

Chinese Dailies

Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press frontpaged the Joint Management Body conference held yesterday which was attended by more than 1700 high-rise properties residents. Housing exco Iskandar Samad promised to allocate RM8 million annually to restructure JMBs.

Sin Chew Daily highlighted the dire living condition of a family which resides in a long house unit in Jinjang Utara. The house’s ceiling had been partially corroded by termites and the humble-income family is hoping to be relocated to public flats.

English Dailies

The Star highlighted the Federal Territories minister’s announcement that Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad in Brickfields will revert to a two-way traffic system after the upgrading works are finished.

New Straits Times frontpaged a DBKL raid to stalls that sell intimidation goods in Bukit Bintang.

Malay Dailies

Sinar Harian frontpaged a standard one child in Kuala Selangor who was canned by his school teacher due to misunderstandings between the child and his friends.

Utusan Malaysia highlighted Federal Territories minister’s call for all Brickfields traders to not rent out business licenses to foreign immigrants.