The House of Exorcism

It’s the time of the year again where pumpkins go under the knife in numbers. Be prepared for a whole know frightening-experience where four nights of terror will call out all you Edward & Jacob-wannabies and dancing trolls to be gathered for the freaky festivities happening at Mist Club. Why trick or treat when you can unleash that crazy imagination of yours and exorcise your inner party demons! Now go howl at the moon.

  • Blow your Brains Off

Oct 27, Men RM35 inclusive of one drink. Free for ladies.
– Worms crawling out from their rotting bodies, you girls better be holding a chainsaw to hack them to pieces. They cant dance but they sure can thrill your night with your favorite zombie A-ROX!


Oct 28, Men RM25, Ladies RM20 inclusive of one drink.
– There are not many Edwards out there to save you so be careful not to shed a single drop of blood of you’ll have ‘them’ running after you. Free drinks to anyone dressed as a vampire.

  • LADIES NIGHT LolliGore

Oct 29, Men RM40, Ladies RM30 inclusive of one drink.
– A prom night not for the faint-hearted so be prepared as there is no such thing as too much blood. With psychopath students and Tokyo-Gore-Lollitas, there will be BLOOD on the dance floor!

  • LADIES NIGHT Volume Scream Fest

Oct 30, Men RM40, Ladies RM30 inclusive of one drink.
– Games and creepy-crawly things are going to make you scream and you just might win yourself some great prizes for screaming the loudest!

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