Bukit Jalil: Promises followed up with another eviction notice

Despite recent assurances that they will be properly compensated before being asked to leave the land, the Bukit Jalil Estate workers felt dismayed yet again after they were recently issued another eviction notice.

Two days ago, officers from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) had issued notices demanding the residents vacate the former estate land before December 20.

This was despite promises made by Federal Territories and Urban Well Being Deputy Minister M. Saravanan two months ago that the residents would be properly compensated because they not squatters.

Saravanan had then declared DBKL’s eviction notice null and void, and had promised that discussions will take place between the Human Resource Ministry and a committee representing the residents, after the residents took to the streets and protested against a scheduled demolition from August 4 to August 6.

Till now, the purported discussion has not taken place, and even a letter that was written by the committee for the Human Resources ministry has not been responded to.

And after a period of silence, the residents’ worst fears has been realized as DBKL came forward to issue another eviction notice, just 2 weeks before the Deepavali festivities.

“We are not squatters. We do not want to rent a place. All we ask for is a house, if we are given an alternative house we will leave,” said a bemused resident Vijayaletchumy, 38.

She was referring to the fact that the residents were being offered to rent PPR flats, which is normally designated for squatters.

The residents are now hoping that the Prime Minsiter could directly interfere in the matter.

Watch the video: Bukit Jalil estate issue resurfaces | 2:28 by Deepa Nair