“Wild” WWF Truck Loose in the City

Recently, members of the public were pleasantly surprised to see a WWF-Malaysia truck, painted with images of forests and wildlife, being driven around cities in Malaysia. The truck will be sponsored for a year and it was designed with the aim of boosting WWF-Malaysia’s environmental education and public outreach efforts.

“WWF-Malaysia representatives are always working hard to chat with members of the public and gain their support for our crucial conservation efforts. This WWF-Malaysia truck helps to grab attention so people would be more receptive and interested to hear more about our conservation efforts,” said WWF-Malaysia Executive Director/CEO Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma.

“Public support enables WWF-Malaysia to undertake crucial conservation work on the ground, which ultimately also protects our livelihoods, good quality of life as well as our food and freshwater supply, all of which depend on our natural resources. We hope that this truck will help to boost our public outreach efforts. We thank all our supporters for their valuable contribution and urge members of the public to please spare a moment to listen to our representatives if they approach you,” added Dato’ Dr Dionysius Sharma.

WWF-Malaysia sincerely thanks our generous individual supporters from all across Malaysia, who have funded 25 critical conservation projects during the 2010 Financial Year (July 2009 to June 2010), three more than in the previous financial year. The projects that you have made possible include:

  • Combating illegal wildlife trade in the Belum Temengor Forest Complex,
  • Conservation of terrapins and turtles in the Setiu Wetlands,
  • Environmental education,
  • Forest and protected area conservation,
  • And so much more!