Emperor Gods adorn Klang Valley

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2010 is reaching its feverish pace as the numbers of devotees grow leading up to the final day of the festival which falls on October 16.

The annual Taoist festival, which celebrates the birthday of the Nine Emperor Gods, has been drawing immense crowd in around 100 temples across the country.

The praying precession in and around the Klang Valley however started earlier this year as the Kew Ong Yah temple in Ampang received their gods four days earlier on October 3.

On the eve of the nine-day festival, thousands of devotees had gathered at Teluk Pulai, as they awaited the arrival of the Emperor of Gods via the Klang River.

The frenzy reached Pekan Ampang on the second day as devotees celebrated the arrival of Yuan Shui, a Taoist High God.

Recently, the highlight turned on at Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya, where mediums crossed an immense  108-blade bridge.

The festival is also called as the Vegetarian Festival, as the devotees feast on the vegetarian meals which are served at the temples throughout the festival.

Most of the precession take place between the temples and the sea-shore or river, as the Emperor Gods arrive via waterways.

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