RM 5 fee a burden

The RM 5 fee that is being imposed on public and senior citizens every time they pay a visit to government hospitals’ specialist sections is burdening the local citizens in Sabah.

Sabah PKR deputy chief, Christina Liew said that especially senior citizens, who are 56 and above, should be exempted just like government servants when they seek medical treatment at the government hospitals.

She said that non-citizens instead should pay for using our medical facility.

Christina also called on the health ministry to setup or appoint specific clinics throughout Sabah to ease the congestion at government hospitals.

She said that the requirements and capacity of non-citizens should also be met, which means fees that are imposed should be affordable.

“The government shouldn’t find it a burden to provide free treatment,” she said.

“The policies for the specific clinics should be formulated by relevant parties,” she added.

Christina said that this methods should be implemented so that the government could provide the best treatment for citizens.