‘Ah Long’ nuisance at Taman Molek

Residents of Taman Molek in Johor Bahru are becoming increasingly disturbed by the presence of ‘Ah Long’ stickers on lamp posts and signboards at the residential area.

The stickers, which normally promote easy loans were pasted over road and traffic signage all over the town, with lamp posts and even the municipal council board not being spared.

Taman Molek’s Rukun Tetangga chairman, Haji Idris Md. Yusof, finding the proper authorities to handle this case seems to be another arduous task.

“When I had a dialogue session with the police, they said I have to refer to the (Johor Bahru)Municipal Council (MPJB) as it is not their jurisdiction. When I referred to MPJB, they said they don’t have the power to arrest,” he said.

According to Haji Idris, who is also the Taman Molek UMNO branch chief, the ‘Ah Longs’ use teenagers to paste the stickers for them.

“They use teenagers who are not aware of the traffic rules and so on. They stick them at any post that they see,” he said.

He also said that sometimes, the sticking assignments will be carried out by large, intimidating-looking men.

“Once there was a Bengali woman who questioned a man who was sticking the flyers, but he threatened that she won’t be alive if she makes any noise about it,” he added.

“People now struggle to find addresses as well, because the signages for roads names are also blighted by these stickers,” Haji Idris said.

Even though MPJB had appointed a contractor to remove the stickers, Haji Idris says the contractors’ actions are only furthering the mess.

“They don’t remove the stickers completely, they just tear them apart, the surrounding area becomes more of a mess,” he said.

“As far as I know, there is no proper provision in law as of yet to nip these activities,” he added.

“When I see a lamp post, I can only read the Ah Long stickers, nothing else,” said a fellow resident.

The stickers can also be found on traffic signage, raising fear that accidents might be caused due to this nuisance.

Watch the video: ‘Ah Long’ nuisance at Taman Molek | 6:04 by Vijay Kumar Rahman