Youth labs to formulate future youth developments

The Ministry of Youth and Sports will embark on a six-week National Youth Development Lab starting from November 1 to formulate the road map of future youth developments.

Deputy youth and sports minister Gan Peng Shieu said the lab, inspired by a similar effort from the government’s Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), will engage 30-35 participants from eight sectors to research, discuss and draft key working areas pertaining to youth.

“We will involve private sectors, NGOs and other youth movements leaders to join but all participants must be aged 35 and below,” he said.

“We should let youths decide their own future,” he added.

?from left) YMM’s president Ng Chin Long and Gan

Held at the National Sport Council, the lab will discuss three themes- namely economic, quality of life, democracy and civil society.

Among the subtopics under the three themes include youth occupations, salary, entrepreneurship, crimes involvement, sports and lifestyle, parenting skills, volunteerism, leadership, national solidarity and democracy.

Besides the full-time participants, organizational stakeholders will also be invited on certain dates to give feedbacks on certain topics.

Gan said invitations have been sent to the Malaysia Youth Council (Majlis Belia Malaysia), Youth Malaysians Movement (YMM) and the youth wing of Federations of Chinese Associations Malaysia.

He also welcomes individuals who have distinctive knowledge on the three themes to attend the lab sessions, provided that they send the ministry their resumes before October 15.

Asked to compare the lab with the past BN Youth Labs, Gan said the ministry’s lab will be more structured and comprehensive compared to the latter.

“This is about formulating a national road map, not just for a political party,” he stressed.

He added that results from the youth lab will later be showcased to stakeholders and public for comments.

YMM’s president Ng Chin Long said the lab serves as a good platform for youths from every race to voice out opinions.

“I will highlight the issues related to balanced development and opportunities for all races,” he said.