Drama unfolded at BK2 dialogue with residents

The Bukit Kinrara 2 (BK2)’s ‘dialogue with rakyat’ session recently turned dramatic as heated arguments led to one of the residency’s Rukun Tetangga (RT) member uttering unsavory words seemingly directed at Kinrara assemblyperson Teresa Kok and MPSJ councilor Cheah Sang Soon.

The incident took place after Cheah reiterated that RT would not be exempted from premise rental if the latter is to use the BK2 community hall for community events.

Even though Cheah said a rental discount would be given instead, the RT members had demanded that the hall be leased out for free whenever community activities or patrolling is conducted in the premise.

The tense atmosphere escalated when RT members’ repeated requests were either denied or deferred, prompted him to point the duo as “stupid”.

Stressing that she understand the residents’ worry on crime, Kok requested the member to be considerate as vice council presidents, MPSJ councilors, and Puchong police officers have all taken the effort to attend the dialogue session.

(from left) Kok, MPSJ secretary Abdullah  Bin Marjunid and Cheah

The member later claimed that he was referring to his own RT members when he uttered the word, stating that the fellow members are ‘silly enough’ to form a RT when their efforts are not appreciated.

The RT’s committee member Looi Siew Theng said that the patrol team comprises of 25 members who monitor the streets of the residency area on certain nights.

He bemoaned the fact that the residents are charged RM200 even for a Hari Raya open house event, and that a request to place a cabin base in the community hall had also been rejected.

“We pay assessment fees every year, and this is a community hall. Why we still have to pay?” he asked.

“Cheah once said that any activity that is held in the hall for community activities would not be charged for; is he contradicting himself?” he added.

Kok: get a police support letter

Kok, while responding, said that the Selangor state government had set a policy to remove all cabins within the compounds of community halls because such cabins were often misused by BN-aligned parties under the name of RT.

She however said that she understands the residents’ frustrations on high crimes rates.

“Hence I suggest you to get a support letter from Puchong police officers, so that the state government could approve your request,” she told the residents.

She added that rental charges are needed for the maintenance of the community hall.

Cheah, on the other hand, said there is a “misunderstanding” between him and the residents.

“What I said was that any activity pertaining to the senior citizens could be exempted from rentals,” he explained.

Residents: rampant crimes unheeded

Meanwhile, the rampant crimes had become a major concern for BK2 residents.

Lai Chin Kam, who stays at first floor of a shoplot, still remembers how the thieves intruded her home when her husband was not around.

“My children and I were in the bedroom. I kept calling the police and a friend for help,” she said.

“After 30 minutes, my friend from Shah Alam had reached, but not the Puchong Jaya policeman,” she added.

Her complaints were echoed by other residents, who said that numerous break-ins have occurred in the area, believed to be by the same group of robbers.

Two representatives from Puchong Jaya police station, Abd Majid Sabtu and Rosli Othman promised to increase the police patrolling.

(from left) Abd Majid Sabtu and Rosli Othman

Besides, the residents also demanded for a bus service and better roads.

MPSJ secretary Abdullah  Bin Marjunid said the council will use machines to carry out road-patching starting next year to prevent unsustainable road resurfacing.

He added that he will follow up the bus service request with bus companies.

MPSJ can be reached via 03-8026 3131.

To contact Puchong police, one can contact Sergeant Abdul Majid at 012 214 3492 or IPD Serdang at 03 8948 4822.