Lantern cheer for the underprivileged

The mid-autumn festival in Pandamaran last Friday drew a deeper meaning as orphans and underprivileged women from six homes were invited to share the joy of the traditional family reunion day.

The festival kicked off on a breezy and cool night with 300 orphans and women holding up colourful lanterns and walking around the Pandamaran village.

Accompanying them was Pandamaran assemblyman Ronnie Liu and members of the JKP Zone 47 (B), who are also the organizers of the event.

A display of fireworks began in the night sky when the crowds reached the Pandamaran JKKK Hall.

Liu said that the mid-autumn festival has become a national festival done in the spirit of reunion.

“As such we would like to bring the warmth to these children and women too,” he said.

Organiser and Klang Municipal councillor Wendy Ong said that the underprivileged groups do not have many chances to mingle with the communities around them.

“Hence to bring them out more often during festive season will ensure them being part of our society,” she said.

The event ended with a karaoke session where Liu crooned a Tamil song while children took to the stage to showcase their talents.

Liu (second from left) gave a Tamil song while crowd cheered