MCA slammed Kg Tunku ADUN for his ‘imperceptible knowledge’.

Selangor MCA PJ Utara development coordinator Wong Sai Hou criticized Kg Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San today for failing to understand the mechanism of public administration despite having been elected as Kg Tunku representative for two years.

Wong said Lau’s denial on Petaling Jaya Community Cemetery’s request to build a retaining wall along Jalan 229 has shown he is an assemblyman with limited wisdom.

He accused Lau of not forking out the public funds in order to contrive the wall to fence up the privately-owned cemetery.

However, Wong, the former Kg Tunku assemblyman said it had been decided during his tenure that any concerns to the verge of the cemetery should be held under Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) jurisdiction.

“In fact, the hill collapsed three months ago which caused the mud to overflow which in turn resulted in some graveyard spillage along Jalan 229,” Wong said.

“Shouldn’t it be the accountability of the MBPJ to clean the road and prevent the hill from collapsing again?”

Wong claimed that during his tenure, he was able to get provisions to build a retaining wall when the other side of the cemetery collapsed.

“I personally discussed with the Datuk Bandar (council president) and he later made the claim from the State Government because I knew the mechanism,” Wong added.

(from left) Wong and Kevin Chong

He lamented that it is not fair for the cemetery caretakers to now forego their own money to construct the wall.

Meanwhile, Selangor MCA Public Complaint Bureau Vice Chairman Kevin Chong claimed that Lau is also incapable to deal with issues like the upgrade of the junctions between Jalan SS9A/4 and Jalan SS9A/12.

It is reported the upgrade plan has been strongly objected by an alleged DAP supporter whose house is facing the junction.

“It’s simple to decide whether to widen the road or not, just get the MBPJ to come down and understake the traffic assessments. If the road is better off as a small road, then we’ll keep it as so,” Chong said.

“Those who got affected (by the upgrade) should lodge their worries to MBPJ,”

Lau, when contacted, refuted the allegation that he has turned down PJCC funds request. He said neither him nor his assistants were contacted by PJCC before.

“How could I have helped if I wasn’t informed?” said Lau.

Regarding the road upgrade at Sungai Way, he said a solution has already been proposed to convert the Y-junction into a minor T-junction.

He also advised MCA to verify its source before voicing out an issue.

Lau (centre) during a visit to the site