Selangor to make Petaling Jaya a health metropolis

A Health Metropolis  Project focuses on health care, medical research and education will be setup in Petaling Jaya next year under the state’s Economic Stimulation Package .

The project with the initial investment modal of RM1billions is estimated to generate 4000 job opportunities  to unskilled and semi-skilled labours once operates fully .

Foreign and government-link companies will also be engaged to carry out research and development ( R&D) on the discipline, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrabim said after meeting the project developer today.

He said the first-of-its kind project will yield RM50 billion investments to the state.

“Petaling Jaya as a city will also benefited through better infrastructure and transport system built along the project,”

He added that Health Metropolis will also be made a center to all medical-related seminars, conventions and academic references.

An announcement on the details of the project will be made soon.