Jobless youths to be equipped with new skills

The Selangor state government will be providing vocational trainings to jobless youths through state-owned education or training centers such as Industri Pendidikan Negeri Selangor (INPENS), Yayasan Selangor and Kolej University Islam Selangor.

Speaking after chairing the State Government Meeting (MMKN) at Shah Alam yesterday, Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim said that the courses offered will be in accordance to market needs such as nursing, hair-styling and tailoring.

The courses aim to increase the competitiveness of rural and outskirt youths.

“There are many foreign workers who are willing to do low rank jobs with low salary. Hence, our youths need to develop a set of skills so that they can compete in the market today,”

He said village safety and development committees (JKKK) throughout the state will be assigned to identify youths who are in need of such trainings.

Further details will be revealed after the Raya festive season, added Khalid.