Unbalanced development within Sepang

Residents living within Sepang municipality are hoping that the gap in the development between Cyberjaya and its surrounding areas can be narrowed down soon.

Around 160 community leaders with corporate and NGO members gave this feedback during a public consultation session for the Selangor 2011-2013 blueprint at Cyberjaya Community Centre today.

According to the residents, the development rate in Cyberjaya has been soaring high compared to its neighbouring Dengkil and Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.

The municipal council’s president, Sayuthi Bakar stated that there are two upcoming developments that could give a facelift to the southern part of Sepang.

“KLIA is on path to turn its surrounding areas into an airport city which will be named as Aeropolis. Besides that, Royal Malaysian Air Force will be moving their base to somewhere around KLIA too,” he said.

Mohd Sayuthi also highlighted that the council does not own many lands in these areas, thus all the prospective developments will rely on the private sector.

During the meeting, the residents had made a request to the municapality to provide a feeder bus, which can connect the Express Rail Link (ERL) with Sepang town, villages and hospital.

They also expressed their concern on the growing amount of illegal cybercafés in Dengkil and Sungai Pelek.

Mohd Sayuthi said that the initiative to fight the establishment of illegal cybercafés should involve Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and Telekom Malaysia (TM).

“This is a better approach rather than raiding the outlets.  You can see them doing business-as-usual the next day after our raid because they have enough supply of computers,” he said.

Research officer to the Selangor Menteri Besar, Tricia Yeoh whom concluded the session, said that the feedbacks gathered will help the state to identify key priorities and set achievable goals for short term period.

The draft of the Selangor 2011-2013 blueprint will be ready by October and presented to the Selangor Assembly Hall by November this year.

Yeoh (left) and Mohd Sayuthi