Camping out in protest

By Ram Anand

Around 300 residents of low cost flats in Taman Permata of Dengkil staged a 24-hour “camping” protest on Saturday, to bring into light the deteriorating condition of the flats.

The flats are now plagued mainly with soil erosion problems, apart from other issues such as a lack of proper disposal bin for the garbage, dysfunctional street lights and cracking walls.

The erosion under the flat grounds has left a gaping hole big enough to fit a person, with some residents claiming dogs enter the hole and re-emerge at the other side of the building, indicating the severity of the erosion under the cements.

Waste water can also be seen running out in the open as a direct result of the erosion, and this, according to few residents, releases a stench that can be felt even in their homes.

The 450 families who reside in the flats are ex-estate workers, who were vacated from four estates in and around the Putrajaya area some 12 years ago in order to pave way for the construction of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

However, the deplorable conditions in the flats that they have been vacated to reached a peak as the residents now seek answers and help from both the Federal Government and the State Government to improve their living conditions.

S. Arutchelvan, who appeared on behalf of the residents, said the residents might end up staying in camps one day if the problems are not resolved.

Anama, 56, who was an ex-estate worker, also claims that even for those who have completed their RM 18,000 payment to buy the flats, they were not.

Watch video here.