The gathering of great minds with Patch Adams


Asia’s First Series of Conference Parties with 24 Great Minds

For the first time in Asia, a CONFERENCE PARTY will be hosting some of the greatest minds of our time, on one platform.

The best of them shared in intimate sessions. The Gathering of Great Minds is a monthly series designed to showcase intelligence at work, thus highlighting exemplary living.

The personalities that take stage at “the gathering”, are ordinary individuals that have created the extraordinary.

The concept of CONFERENCE PARTY will bring together the intellectual and creative mind.

It will highlight topics on personal growth (mind & body), organizational growth (leadership, team & results) and community consciousness (living successfully in consideration of others).


Photo of Dr. Patch Adams

The famous Dr. Patch Adams, who’s real life story became a Hollywood hit years ago, comes to Kuala Lumpur for the first time.

Together with 23 other extraordinary minds, the conference party will host personalities such as Tan Sri Razali Ismail, formerly the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul Dunn and Masami Sato, founders of global social enterprise called Buy1GIVE1.

Matthias Gelber, who develops new technologies that are both high performance and low in carbon footprint and was awarded the World’s Greenest Man, Roshan Thiran, former Director of Johnson & Johnson, now CEO of Leaderonomics, Dato’ Aziz Bakar, Chairman of AirAsia, Dhyan Vimal, author of over 50 books, and many others.

The Gathering, premiers this coming 20th August 2010 at the Securities Commission, Kuala Lumpur, with an opening keynote by former President of the United Nations General Assembly Tan Sri Razali Ismail.


Photo of Tim Fernandez (founder of Live & Inspire)

The concept of a conference party was designed by its founder, Tim Fernandez of Live & Inspire, who built the much talked about unconferenced Live & Inspire series, held weekly at Starbucks.

Live & Inspire brought to light some of the most inspiring lives at the grassroots, and had their stories shared with the community.

Together with Friends To Mankind, a non profit organization focusing on social consciousness, they are creating a space where personal growth is made accessible with sustainable presence and growth. “We are working to inspire”.

The thin line between motivating and inspiring is that one works to empower externally, and the other works from awareness within.

Helping individuals find their very source of inspiration, more than often helps one create results for themselves.

Organizations that help individuals find their inspiration, ultimately evolve their culture, vision and results.

While the process may take time, it is nevertheless necessary in this time and age. It is no longer about moving your organization with KPIs.

Today, it is moving them from their strengths and purpose. It is about developing individuals and organizations into mastery.” said Fernandez.

The platform was designed to anchor discovery with the element of fun, using videos, music, arts and games. The format of the conference party differs itself from the conventional monologue.

The spin off from the conference party supports and enables each participant to be change agents in 4 ways:

A) The takeaway of each session will inspire personal discovery for each individual to be a catalyst in their circle of life (with SELF).

B) Multiple causes and platforms are made available for individuals to participate and play a role for greater possibilities. Live & Inspire makes this possible with NurSalam & Chowkit Kids (with COMMUNITY).

C) The support system is built in for each participant, where every individual is given access to a personal mastery programme as a follow up (with SUPPORT).

D) There will be a specific space for business matchmaking and networking – facilitated by Socialwalk – linking individuals, talents, organizations and causes (with SUSTAINABILITY).

The conference parties for will take off in 3 series respectively themed.

20th August – The Creative Element. Right Brain Activate.
24th September – The Sustainability Factor.
26th November – Strategies for Today.

Supporting this project together with Live & Inspire and Friends To Mankind, includes, KomunitiKini, Starbucks, MPH, Global Entrepreneurship Week, MalayMail, Socialwalk, theSun, FutureCom Ventures, and One World Hotel.

The conference party will be supporting NurSalam in a few ways – by providing a platform for individuals to step forth and support via time, energy and monetary.

Some of their other projects working on raising social consciousness include The Live and Inspire Series, The INSFIRE awards, the Live & Inspire online magazine, Creative Unplugged, Play-to-Play and other exciting projects involving corporate and the public at large.


For more information, visit or or follow them on facebook at or on twitter

They can also be reached at 1 700 801 101.