Parents fear daughter used as drug mule

Parents of 19-year old Nur Dhiya Ain Rosman are asking authorities to find and rescue their daughter who they believe is being used as a drug mule.

Nur Dhiya called her parents at about 10pm on Monday, from the KL International Airport, saying that she was about to leave for South Africa.

“She sounded panicky and said she will be back in three days. Then she hung up abruptly,” said her mother Roslah Abdul Jani.

“She has never travelled overseas before. She also has an illness and needs to take her medicines everyday,” added Roslah.

Roslan and Musa

Roslah and her husband Musa Abduk Chik were driving back from Malacca when the call came. The parents then rushed to the Brickfields police station and requested the authorities to bar Nur Dhiya from boarding the plane.

However, despite having an hour before departure, the police failed to stop Nur Dhiya from boarding the 2.45am flight to Cape Town via Doha.

Drug Mule?

UMNO community complaint bureau chairman Muhd Khairun said that Nur Dhiya may have been lured into being a drug mule. Khairun, who is assisting the family, said the case is very similar to the usual modus operandi drug-smugglers, whom like to induce school-leavers with monetary rewards and empty promises.

The parents have learned that their daughter started mingling with a group of Africans two weeks before the incident.

Nur Dhiya

“We strongly suspect that she is being used by her African friends,” said Khairun.

Khairun said that an urgent appeal has been issued to Ministry of Foreign Affair and various African agencies to assist in locating Nur Dhiya. The bureau will also activate its own mechanism to search the girl.