Owner of Steven’s Corner detained for bashing neighbour

Owner of popular Indian restaurant chain Steven’s Corner, Sathisilan, better known as Steven,  was arrested last night over allegations of assaulting a 65-year-old next door shop owner.

Brickfields district police chief ACP Wan Bari Abdul Khalid confirmed Sathisilan’s arrest and said he is being investigated for criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt.

The victim, Lim Tai Sun, was left bleeding after Sathisilan confronted him for moving the restaurant’s tables placed in front of his glassware shop in Overseas Union Garden.

According to Lim, the incident happened at approximately 8.30pm last night while he was trying  enter his shop.

At a press conference today organised by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, Lim claimed that he was assaulted by Sathisilan while he was exiting his shop.

“He dashed at me and punched me four times on my eyes, nose and chest,” said Lim, adding that he lodged a police report after the incident while sporting a bloodied nose.

Cops advice: Settle the matter

He adds that his two sons confronted Sathisilan after the incident and the latter responded by brandishing a knife at them. In addition, he said a man known only as “Ah Wai” arrived at the scene and threatened to burn down his shop if he went public over the assault.

He said that his and the assault were captured by the restaurant’s closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV).

Lim also alleged that the police were initially hesitant to retrieve the CCTV footage, instead advising him to “settle” the dispute with the restaurant owner.

However, the police swung into action after Lim alerted Kok and OCPD about the initial reluctance shown by the police.

Bad blood over Lim’s shop

Lim was initially a business partner of Sathisilan, but their relationship went sour after Steven’s Corner moved next to his shop.

“They wanted to expand so they offered to rent my shop. But I have been leasing the upper floor to a family with elderly mother so I turned them down. Since then, they keep playing dirty tricks,” said Lim

Lim is now fearing for his life and hopes that the authorities can provide him protection.

Meanwhile, Kok said the assault on Lim was a clear criminal offence and urged the police to prosecute the culprit.