MPSJ to investigate shady contract

MPSJ has halted the alleged ‘back door contract’ awarded to 27 drainage maintenance firms.

Committee member Tan Jo Hann said the council is in the process of investigating the incident.

“We were aware of this before PAS exposed it to media. We are now tracing the relevant data and decision-makers involved,” he said.

It was reported that Selangor treasure officer Arif Abdul Rahman and MPSJ city service department assistant director Azura Mohd Don together conspired to bypass the open tender process in awarding the RM3million drainage contract to 27 contractors.

He reiterated that open tendering is standard practice with the Selangor Pakatan government.

PAS Youth Wing presented a memorandum to ask Selangor MB to probe into the scandal last week.

Tan said the results of the investigation are expected to come out in a full board meeting this month.

Meanwhile MPSJ council president Adnan Ikhsan  said he will see the investigation results before he decides on the next course of action.