Theresa nominated to advisory council

MPSJ outgoing councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong has been nominated by Subang assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh to be the member of the new local government advisory council.

Hannah said she submitted Theresa’s name right after she found out about the forming of this new body on Tuesday night.

“Based on her experience, she will be an asset for the 20-member council. I strongly hope that she will be (included),” Hannah said during a press conference at her service centre yesterday.

Theresa, on the other hand, declined to comment on the nomination, whose final lineup is expected to come out in due time.

“Let (the authorities) decide,”

The high-profile NGO councillor for JKP Zone 1 did not make the list of MPSJ councillors for the 2010/2011 term.

“NGO councillor, but recommended by political parties”

Meanwhile another NGO councillor told Komunitikini about the ‘curious’ NGO councillor selection process.

“There are 25 percent quotas set for NGO councillors in every council, which means six out of 24 councillors will be from NGO backgrounds.

“But in fact we are not chosen directly by the top brass. In fact, each Pakatan Rakyat party is asked to recommend two names,” the councillor who prefers anonymity said.

“Many of them think we (NGO members) are talking too much and obstructing their space in the councillor seats.

“So each Pakatan party will nominate those they favour. Even better if they can find an NGO member in their parties.

“We are very frustrated. We are treated and assessed in a very unfair manner.”

MBPJ NGO councillor Derek Fernandez said the only fair system is to rehold local council elections.

“Any system under the current context will surely breeds favoritism and bias,” he said.