Titiwangsa welfare home needs urgent help

Welfare home Rumah Titian Kasih (RTK) that has been operating in a rented premise at Jalan Maran, Titiwangsa since 1998 is caught in a bind as the owner has ordered them to vacate the home latest by July 1.

RTK founder Sharipah Ablan said the owner has decided to sell the property and a court order has been issued to her to move out.

She said that she has received three notices from the owner and one court order was received on June 17.

The home hosts over 120 orphans as well as abused children, drug addicts, single mothers, domestic violence victims, rape victims and the like, housed in two separate buildings.

The premise in contention houses 73 marginalised women.

Speaking at a press conference with members of Umno Youth, Sharipah said she is now hoping for government assistance.

“We never got any funds or aids from the government, but this time around we really hope they can help us,” said the founder who prefers to be called ‘Mak Pah’.

“We were able to get a RM270,000 donation from a philanthropist last October to pay the deposit to the house worth RM2.7million.

“But unfortunately no financial institution is willing to grant us a loan to continue paying.

“What makes it even worse is we will have the RM270,000 forfeited if we are unable to carry on paying.”

Muhd Khairun (left) and Mak Pah (centre)

Chairman of the Umno community complaint bureau Muhd Khairun Aseh said the home is now just 48 hours ahead of the last deadline.

He is confident, though, that the government would be able to assist. Muhd Khairun plans to file a proposal with the Prime Minister’s Department with three solutions for Mak Pah’s current quandary.

Muhd Khairun meanwhile noted that the owner is taking a rather extreme measure.

“The RM270,000 deposit paid is enough for rental for months. I think it is rather inhumane for the owner to name an activist like Mak Pah as the defendant in a court order.”