Limkokwing digital creativity revolution

Interested in exploring digital career options?

Why not spend a day at Limkokwing University?

Time 10am – 5pm,  Saturday, 26 June 2010

The future is digital
Everything has gone digital so it is important that you equip yourself with the latest skills in computer software no matter what your choice of career may be.

Check out the wide range of creative careers and find one that fits your interest. Spend a day at the campus and experience the stimulating, exciting creative environment.

The future is creative
From designing new computer games, creating new applications for the iPhone, setting up a radio station, shooting a movie, composing a music album to starting a web business and producing a television series there is so much you can learn by just talking to those involved in the business.

The future is innovative
The campus is where you will spend your next three to four years of study. It is an environment designed to stimulate your imagination. It is a place bursting with creative energy. It is a place where events are planned to build your personality and develop your talent as you pursue your degree. Even in that one day you spend at the campus you will come away that much more enriched.

Explore. Experiment. Experience.
Listen to experts, get a taste of what you will be studying, experiment with different software, talk to career counselors, get advice on financial assistance, tour the most unique campus equipped with features that are one-of-its-kind.