Centralised bins to tackle Puteri Puchong garbage woes

13 centralised bins are placed at commercial district of  Bandar Puteri Puchong to tackle the prolonged garbage woes faced by the shopowners here.

The bins are prepared at several locations along Jalan Bandar 1 to Jalan Bandar 16 and was introduced since May.

MPSJ councillor for JKP Zone 16 (Puteri Puchong and Bandar Wawasan) Tan Jo Hann said the project aims to ease the garbage quota for shopowners.

Centralised bin placed along Jalan Puteri 10

“Previously every shopowner has to buy a bin and was only allowed to dump five bags a day. If they exceed the quota, they have to pay RM50 a trip to get their waste collected by Alam Flora,” he said at a press conference held on last Saturday.

“This caused a problem because many shopowners, especially the hawker shops, would definitely have more than that.

“Sometimes their bins were also filled by the foreign workers who live in the upper floors.

“If they could not find a place to throw excess garbage, they will end up making the parking lot the dump site.”

Tan said after three meetings held with the residents, MPSJ decided to try introducing the centralised bins.

“Residents now have another place to discard their waste besides their own dustbins.

“The trial period is from May to July. Once it is passed, it will be the pilot project for the whole Subang Jaya; we will also consider to increase the number of bins to 21 for this area.”

Asked if the uncovered bins will cause issues of stench and hygiene, Tan said minor setbacks are unavoidable during the trial period.

“But once it is accepted, we will definitely look into it, perhaps to build a garbage house to avoid the smell,”

Komunitikini’s found that shopowners are generally in favour of the project.

“I think it is a good effort to make the area cleaner,” Toh Yik Boon, the owner of a hardware shop said.

“But cooperation from every shopowner is crucial. They must instruct their staff to  go there to throw rubbish.”

Toh said he has done his part by putting a signage in both English and Burmese language to inform the residents about the centralised bins.

Toh did his part to inform local community about the bin

Restaurant owner Lim while praising at the project, revealed that he still has to pay the extra RM300 to Alam Flora to get his garbage collected.

“They said I have too many bags and the centralised bin is meant for the residents living upstairs.

Lim said he has been giving the amount for about a year and getting a receipt from Alam Flora.

Tan said he will investigate the issue to see if there was any wrongdoing involved by the contractor.

Tan said he will look into Lim’s complaint

The contract between MPSJ and Alam Flora requires the latter to collect garbage for six times a week. The quota for every shop is five bags a day.

The council however increased the allocation for Alam Flora from RM6000 to RM10,000 a month since the introduction of centralised bins,