Clean air for USJ 1 residents now

Residents at USJ 1 give thumbs up to Indah Water’s effort to build a 400 metre concrete fence wall around the sewage plant nearby their homes, which brings the clean air back to the neighbourhood.

Teng Leng Mee, JKP member for Zone 4 said her house is within a very short distance of the sewage plant and was frequently exposed to the stench prior to the fence construction.

“I have been living here for 10 years and it happened on and off. When the pump did not function properly, the whole neighborhood had to shut their windows firm to avoid the foul smell.

“The stink could happen up to five times a month; it smelled worse whenever there was a downpour,”

After several failed attempts to reach the authorities, Teng finally brought the issue to the Subang Jaya ADUN attached with the residents’ petition.


At a press conference held at the plant along Jalan USJ1/4N, Subang assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh said she received a complaint from the residents in April last year.

“They disgruntled about the unbearable stench, the broken green fence vulnerable to trespassers and mosquitoes.

“Thus, MPSJ acted to invite the responsible corporation- Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) to do an inspection of the site.

“In response the corporation promised to repair the pump and build a concrete fence in one year.

“We also hold ‘gotong-royongs’ with the JKP and residents to chop off some trees and clean the (surrounding) area.”

IWK’s communications chief Amin Lin Abdullah said the RM110, 000 wall fence will benefit some 1200 premises around the area once it is completed end of this month.

“It can prevent children from trespassing into the plant and endanger themselves, and also prohibit those who do illegal fishing.

“We also formed a group team to carry out maintenance work in adhere of the standard of 20 times a month,”

Amin said the three pumps at the plant are easily damaged by unwanted rubbish, which is the main cause of the stench.

“Public are reminded not to discard non-disposable things such as diapers, condoms or sanitary pad into their sewage because such things will tangle with the generator and damage the pump.”

He also encouraged the public to join the “Eyes of Indah Water” program to act as eyes and ears to monitor the sewage plants around their homes.

“We will choose the nearest resident to a plant to be our ‘eyes’. The person will then report us on anything happen.

“The chosen resident will be exempted from the sewage bill.”

Members of public who wish to join the program can contact IWK’s hotline via 03 3880 7828.

(Third from left) Amin, Hannah and Teng