PKR will replace 30 percent of its local councillors

Selangor PKR deputy liaison chief Hee Loy Sian was reported as saying the party will replace 30 percent of its current local councillors in the coming councillor appointments.

He said the party has finished assessing their councillors and new names have been submitted to the party’s political bureau.

“About 30 percent of them will be replaced due to their lack of performance, uncooperative attitude and low attendances at meetings.

“But some of them have also tendered their resignations due to their personal commitment,” he told a Chinese daily recently.


PKR will have the biggest number of new candidates as their counterparts in Pakatan, DAP and PAS will only change 5-10 percent of their current line-up.

The parties will recommend the names to Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, who is also the Selangor PKR liaison chief.

Hee said the new councillors for 12 Selangor local councils are expected to be sworn in June 7.

Evaluation on councillor based on 3C

Meanwhile, the Selangor state government has earlier released a document on the evaluation and selection process.

According to the guideline, each policymaker is required to possess the 3Cs : capacity to carry duties, capability to perform and good character.

A mark ranged from 1-10 will be given to 11 criteria such as attendance at meetings, leadership skill, communication skill, work results, discipline and punctuality, integrity and the like.

The council presidents, state assemblypersons and parliamentarians are entitled to evaluate the councillors before the final decision is made by the state exco.

The state is expected to maintain its 25 percent quota of councillors from NGOs and professional candidates.