MBPJ tries to be moderate this year

MBPJPetaling Jaya will soon see its forth year since achieving city-status and will be hosting a string of events the entire month of June to mark the 4-year anniversary. It was launched yesterday at the Petaling Jaya City Council headquarters by mayor Mohamad Roslan Sakiman earlier today.

He also said that Petaling Jaya which was declared a city on the 20th of June 2006 has seen major advancements since, however still hasn’t reached a scale comparable to Kuala Lumpur so the celebrations would be rather moderate until it reaches greater heights.

He continued by saying they’ll refrain from using fireworks this time as it is inappropriate, he then joked about the number ‘4’ being bad luck as to why they did not produce a special postal stamp this year like they did previous years.

The 16 events scheduled are set to take place all over Petaling Jaya, starting with the MBPJ Youth Open Tennis Championship on the 5th of June and ending with the 2010 MBPJ Symphony Orchestra Concert on the 27th of June.

The main event is set to take place at Stadium PJ Kelana Jaya at 7.30pm on the 19th of June and is expected to fill half of the stadium’s 12,000 capacity. The event will be attended by the mayor and the Menteri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Dato` Seri Abd Khalid Bin Ibrahim.

Among the other events highlighted at the press conference were the PJ RC Powerboat and the fishing competition which offers a grand prize of RM 10,000. The Petaling Jaya Auto Fair was also highlighted through out the event.

Sinar Harian the main contributor of the fishing competition was represented by its founder Mohd Nasir bin Hj. Hamzah. He said there are myths of a gigantic fish in the lake and hopes people would take part in the competition and hopefully catch the giant fish as a special prize would be handed out if anyone succeeds.

The press conference was also attended by leaders of resident associations from Petaling Jaya and local figures.