Tasik Shah Alam 2010 Symposium

Tasik Shah Alam 2010 attempts to shed light on the recipes for a successful park, probably in the Malaysian context, by tracing back the history in making the Shah Alam Lake Garden thru the perspectives of its decision makers, its planner and designers.

Is the case of the Shah Alam garden true for other parks in Malaysia; what attracts public to the Taiping Lake Gardens, the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, and Johor Bharu Forest Park.

By understanding the history of parks, we could justify the trend of parks use over time. The evolution of parks seems to correlate with social changes and needs, besides the current buzz on ecological parks and green networks that has chattered a new direction for parks and urban parks system.

Join a discussion with professor Galen Cranz of University of California at Berkeley; Fumiaki Takano of Takano Landscape Inc, Japan, Dr Tan Wee Kiat, Former CEO of NParks Singapore; and Ishak Ariff, our former director-general of Town Planning Malaysia, in sharing ideas to elevate the state of our parks to make them ever appealing to our city dwellers and make us, as professional of the industry, ever relevant.

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